MOUNTIETC™ Unisex Explorers 4 Electric Heated Gloves Li-Battery Self Heating Touch Screen Goatskin Ski Gloves Waterproof

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Description:Temperature (Manual adjustment)LOW(Blue light): 43.3℃(8h)MID(White light):51.7℃(6h)HIGH (Red light):65.6℃(4h)Features:Double waterproof designThe all new Carbon Nanofiber heating system is the latest advancement in heated clothing.The tubular graphite structure provides more uniform and dependableheat along the entire surface of the heating element rather than through the use of heating wires.The heating elements cover the palm, thumb and all fingers. Heat transfers from the palm side to the back of hand.This design makes hands feel warm quickly and may even pass heat to arms and the entire body.Not recommended for treatment of Raynauds Syndrome.This heating system provides the most comfortable, uniform and dependable warmth available.The 7.4V (2200mAh) rechargeable lithium batteries provide long lasting heat and can be recharged over 1000 times with proper use.Outer materials: Goatskin Leather, Riptech Nylon Softshell.Inner materials: 100g Primaloft Insulation with heat reflective silver liningAnti-microbialabsorbent brushed tricot lining for long-lasting comfort and warmth.Additional features - Touch screen compatible thumb.Waterproof breathable insert with moisture-wicking brushed tricot inner lining.Gauntlet cuff with drawstring closurecuff leash. 3 level power switch with LED indicator light.Includes 2 - 7.4V (2200mAh) lithium batteries1 double-plug charger.EURO UNISEX SIZING means they run a little smaller than US Mens sizes.Warning:1.Due to different

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